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Who Drives Linguistic Change – Grammarly Blog | Grammarly Blog

Linguistics and how words influence our writing! A great read! <3 Words like selfie, BitCoin, and even awesomesauce are used by millions of English-speaking people every day. Together, they form a body of new words, developed … Source: Who Drives Linguistic Change – Grammarly Blog | Grammarly Blog

The Swamp Fairy

FairySource | Your Source for All Things Faery

In case you see fairies like I do, just know you are not alone… <3 Your Source for All Things Faery Source: FairySource | Your Source for All Things Faery

The Swamp Fairy

Fairies | Elemental Beings

Artwork by Josephine Wall I found this site and had to share the magic! <3 Fairies are the most commonly known Elementals probably because Fairies are everywhere. They are the guardians of plants and flowers. Every plant has a Fairy on it or even… Source: Fairies | Elemental Beings

Poetry & Weekly Haiku Challenges

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #82 Star & Child

Ronovan is on a roll this year choosing words for our haiku’s that give us the opportunity to go a multitude of different ways! This week we have the words, “star,” and “child.” It seemed appropriate then, to name this haiku, “Star Child.” I love this haiku! It tells a mini-story just with the brevity… Continue reading RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #82 Star & Child


10 Places to Find Awesome Free Stock Photos for Your Blog – The Write Life

I like Pixabay.com for free photos too! <3 Forget cheesy stock photos. Here’s how to find beautiful free images to help your blog shine. Source: 10 Places to Find Awesome Free Stock Photos for Your Blog – The Write Life

Writer's Quote Wednesday

#Writer’s Quote Wednesday & #BeWoW – C. S. Lewis

Welcome!  This is an open invitation to join in on my blogging event called, “Writer’s Quote Wednesday” and Ronovan Writes’ event called, “BeWoW” or “Be Writing on Wednesday.”  This is your chance to highlight your favorite author’s quotes that give inspiration to you as a writer. Do you feel like your writing is getting stale? Are you looking for inspiration… Continue reading #Writer’s Quote Wednesday & #BeWoW – C. S. Lewis

Healthy Living

Week 3: Mindful Monday – Healthy Living

Originally posted on SeasonedSistah2:
It’s Week 3 of Mindful Monday – Healthy Living, I feel self-motivated, self-inspired, and self-directed to uplift the body, mind and spirit.  The CREATION Health program, I chose to follow on this Healthy Living journey allows self-guidance and self-direction through the eight principles of living life to the fullest.  I am enjoying…